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"VUDA Kids Pride"

The Adventurous Park Exclusively for children on seashore
Yet, another gift form VUDA for the kids of Vizag. That too on the most beautiful seashore. The little stars can now enjoy a safe bay watch and spend time on seashore without any fear or tension to their parents. The amenities here are promoted with a scientific and natural mixture to enable the children to earn physical and psychological fitness as well as knowledge.

The abandoned lighthouse premises adjacent to the VUDA Park, has been developed by VUDA into a marvelous place for kids.

VUDA proudly presented the "Kids Pride" Adventure Park and dedicated to the children on 15-05-2004.

VUDA, which is pioneering in shaping Vizag, launched this innovative project enabling the little stars to shine with creativity and capabilities by using the facilities promoted here. This kind of exclusive facilities for children can be seen in the Western Countries and VUDA is the first to promote such theme park for the children at Visakhapatnam, the City of Destiny.


The main objectives in developing the Kids Pride Adventure Park are

To provide a healthy and jolly atmosphere for the kids to spend their summer as well as regular holidays fruitfully,
To inculcate the qualities of inquiry, importance of physical fitness and self determination among children,
To enjoy safe beach view and
To earmark an exclusive location for children of all ages on seashore.
VUDA took keen interest for dedicating this park to children with a variety of facilities to generate the qualities of creativity, integrity by inculcating physical and psychological standards and fitness among children of all ages. The uniqueness of this activity is that the children of all ages were made to actively participate to design the surroundings and amenities at the premises. Children from various Municipal and Charity Schools were invited and involved to offer suggestions and ideas on how and what kind of facilities should be provided here. The developments in the park have been taken place according to the wishes of the children. Murals were painted by children of all ages..


Telescope on the top of the Light House as a highlight to the Park
Mini children Library
Mini trekking: Small terrains with smooth landscaping for trekking
Adventure trail: Wooden Bridge with net and small gaps for Adventure Trial facing the sea
Rock climbing

Wall climbing

Indoor games such as Chess and caroms etc.

Most of these facilities were developed in consultation with the children. Two interactive sessions were held with more than 200 school children at the site and sought their opinions and suggestions on how to develop facilities in the Park. The concept of involving the users yielded fruitful outputs and the lighthouse kid's park earned many innovative facilities.



Entry fees:

  Entry is free to all those who are members in Children (theatre) Club
  For Non-Members, till the time they enroll as members they have to pay an entry fee of Rs.5/- (Rupees five only) per child. The amount collected will be utilized      for creating more facilities for children at the park
  The Park opens for kids every day from 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM