Chapter 6

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4. (1) (b) (v) The rules, regulation, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions:

1. Madhurawada – Kapuluppada 100’-0” wide Road connecting NH-5 at Madhurawada and Beach Road.

Length of the Road       : 7.20 K.M. Project Cost : Rs.6.50 Crores
Width of Carriage Way : 2 Nos. of 7.50 M each
Central Median              : 2.00 M wide
Initially single lane of 4.00 M wide in each Carriage way was provided with BT Surface for the entire road.
2. Visakhapatnam – Bheemili Beach Road :
VUDA has taken up widening and improvements of Beach Road from Appughar Junction to Mangamaripeta Junction near Kapuluppada in accordance with the directions of Government of A.P. with funding pattern of 50 : 50 ratio by VUDA and R & B Department except the stretch from Sagarnagar to Kathikavanam.
R & B Department has taken up and completed the work for a length of 3.00 K.M. so far and balance stretch of 12.00 K.M. has to be taken up.
Total length of the road                                  : 27.00 K.M. Project Cost : Rs.77.40 Crores
Width of Carriage Way                                   : 7.50 M on either side
Central Median                                               : 0.30 M
Footpaths                                                         : 3.00 M on either side with Paver blocks
Lighting                                                             : Along Central Median with Double Arm
Spun Poles with T5 Technology tube lights.
Greenery                                                           : Plantation on both sides and along Central
Median in one stretch

So far VUDA spent an amount of Rs.24.12 Crores for three reaches developed including lighting along Central Median for a stretch of 9.00 K.M and R & B Department
has spent an amount of Rs.3.80 Crores for the reach taken up by them.
3. Formation of 80’ wide road from Navodaya School to Devimetta in Kommadi
Total length of the road : 3.80 K.M. Project Cost : Rs.98.00 Lakhs Quarry Rubbish formation has been taken up and completed.
4. Formation of 100’ wide road from Boyapalem NH-5 Junction to Kapuluppada
Total length of the road : 2.10 K.M. Project Cost : Rs.74.00 Lakhs Quarry Rubbish formation has been taken up and completed.


  • (i)    LAYOUTS :


1. Providing Infrastructure facilities in S.No.50/P & 87/P of Kummaripalem

    at Bheemili.


Total extent : Ac.14.87 Cts  , Project Cost :  Rs.125.00 Lakhs, No. of Plots : 240 

Infrastructure provided :

  • ·         Providing WBM & BT Roads
  • ·         Construction of S.W. Drains and CD works.


2. Providing Infrastructure facilities in S.No.347/P in Sontyam


Total extent : Ac.14.87 Cts  , Project Cost :  Rs.125.00 Lakhs, No. of Plots : 

Infrastructure provided :

  • ·         Providing WBM Roads.
  • ·         Construction of S.W. Drains and CD works.




1. Madhurawada & Yendada Areas (S.Nos.108, 109, 110, 127, 128, 130, 131, 132,

    347, 352 etc.)


Total extent : Ac.300.00 Cts          Expenditure incurred  : Rs.150.00 Lakhs


In order to protect the Government Lands handed over by District Administration in Madhurawada and Yendada areas in different Survey Nos., Construction of Boundary Pillars, Providing Barbed wire fencing, formation of Roads etc., have been taken up and completed through Departmental execution by hiring machinery to facilitate the auction of bulk lands as per the directions of the Government as Mobilization Resource under Budgetary support.


2. Government Lands in S.No.27 of Madhurawada      


Total Extent : Ac.40.00 Cts                     Expenditure incurred :  Rs.63.00 Lakhs

Formation of approach roads and jungle clearance including barbed wire fencing etc., have been taken up and completed departmentally.

This site was allotted to M/s Ambience Projects for JV Project. 


3. Yarada, Gullalapalem, Malkapuram, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada areas :


Total length of the road formed      : 7.32 K.M.

Total value of work done               : Rs.4.45 Crores


          The District Administration has handed over an extent of Ac.1387.00 Cts in different Survey Nos. in Yarada, Gullalapalem, Malkapuram, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada Villagesto VUDA for Development.


          Since the lands are located on hilly terrain with thick jungle and there is no access, it is proposed to form approach roads by clearing the jungle by hiring machinery departmentally. The road formation (earthen) work is completed and protection works and others to be taken up.


          Further work was stopped due to objections and disputes raised locally.


  • (ii)  OTHER WORKS :


Anakapalle Area :


Providing CC Roads, BT Roads, CC Drains in Town limits                                    :        Rs.517.00 Lakhs

Construction of Indoor Stadium (1500 Seating capacity) with

Volleyball, Shuttle, Basket Ball Courts, Conference Room,

Players Rooms and Gym etc.                                                                                      :        Rs.190.00 Lakhs

Formation of WBM Roads and construction of S.W. Drains

At Cherlopakandam                                                                                                      :        Rs.100.00 Lakhs

(This layout was proposed for Rajeev Swagruha Housing Project)

Construction of Rythu Bazaar and Shops adjacent to

Girl’s High School                                                                                                          :        Rs.48.00 Lakhs

Additional facilities to Burial Grounds                                                                      :        Rs.37.00 Lakhs


Vizianagaram Area : 

Town Development works (Under Six Packages)                                                :        Rs.961.00 Lakhs

Construction of Indoor Stadium & Rajeev Sports Complex                               :        Rs.317.00 Lakhs


Salient Features       

Extent : Ac.14.30 Cts, Seating Capacity : 5000 Persons (5 Galleries)

Running  Track – 400 M, Pathways, Indoor Stadium built with

multi purpose teak wood flooring for Badminton & Tennis Court

Widening and providing WBM & BT Surface for City Roads :        Rs.184.00 Lakhs


Visakhapatnam City :

Construction of 7th, 8th & 9th Floors of U.B. Complex

Including Fire Fighting Equipment / Sprinkler system

for entire building, Air-Conditioning, Work Stations,

Partitions, False Ceiling, Flooring and Face Lifting etc.               :        Rs.532.00 Lakhs

Total Plinth area : 39,000 Sft        

  • (iii)           DEPOSIT WORKS:


1. VSEZ Complex at Duvvada :


            Based on the request of VSEZ Authorities, VUDA has taken up certain Development works – Executive Canteen, Improvement & strengthening of Water Supply system, Construction of common ETP, Security Compound Wall, 1000 KL Capacity GLSR, Pump House, Parking facilities and Maintenance and other minor works in VSEZ Compound with the amounts deposited by VSEZ Authorities.


          The following is the Abstract Statement of funds received and expenditure incurred so far :    


Amount sanctioned by Development Commissioner, VSEZ : Rs.1211.00 Lakhs

Amount deposited to VUDA                                                   : Rs.1062.00 Lakhs

Value of works committed by VUDA                                        : Rs.1129.00 Lakhs

Value of works taken up and completed so far                         : Rs.  906.00 Lakhs

Value of works in progress                                                    : Rs.  223.00 Lakhs

Amount yet to be released by VSEZ                                       : Rs.    66.00 Lakhs



 2. Construction of Women’s College at old Jail Area

Total Plinth area : 70,000 Sft         Project Cost : Rs.300.00 Lakhs


Funding Pattern :

VUDA                                         :        Rs.120.00 Lakhs

GVMC                                         :        Rs.120.00 Lakhs

Education Department                   :        Rs.40.00 Lakhs


          Out of the above, Education Department has released only Rs.10.00 Lakhs so far and balance amount of Rs.30.00 Lakhs is yet to be released.


 3. Construction of P.G. Block at Visakha Women’s College 

Plinth area : 5,000 Sft                            Project Cost : Rs.72.00 Lakhs


 Funding Pattern :

 MPLADS                                     :        Rs.40.00 Lakhs

 VUDA                                         :        Rs.32.00 Lakhs


          Out of the share of Rs.40.00 Lakhs for MPLADS (Sri T. Subbarami Reddy, M.P.), only Rs.20.00 Lakhs was released. Balance amount of Rs.20.00 Lakhs yet to be released.


4. Construction of P.G. Block, 2nd Floor over existing 1st floor at

     Dr. V.S. Krishna College at Maddilapalem


Total Plinth area : 12,000 Sft                   Project Cost   : Rs.72.00 Lakhs

The work is completed and handed over.


5. Construction of Women’s Hostel (GF + FF) at Dr. V.S. Krishna College

    at Maddilapalem.


Plinth Area : 3,000 Sft                            Project Cost :  Rs.30.00 Lakhs       


          The work is completed and handed over. Out of Rs.30.00 Lakhs, an amount of Rs.25.00 Lakhs was released and balance amount of Rs.5.00 Lakhs yet to be released.


7. Construction of Rythu Bazaar at M.V. Palem

Extent :  Ac.1.31 Cts Project Cost : Rs.62.50 Lakhs

No. of Stalls : 173              Size of Stall : 6’ x 10’

Common facilities :  Parking, Toilets, Office Room, Store Room etc.


          This work has been taken up with a view to shift the existing Rythu Bazaar into the new premises constructed but the same is pending as on date. So the new Rythu Bazaar constructed is yet to be put into use.


  • I.       ON-GOING WORKS




1. Construction of Row Housing Scheme (Gated Community) at Rushikonda


Extent :  Ac.6.78 Cts Project cost :  Rs.2360.00 Lakhs

No. of Units : 88                Duplex type (Ground + First Floor)

Plinth area of each unit :     2066 sft  to 2114 Sft


Present Stage :        Building works are completed.  Rectifications nearing completion.

Infrastructure works completed except  Open Space Development, 

STP and external electrification.


Probable date of completion : 30-11-2010


2. Construction of Housing Project at Madhurawada Phase - I (Harita)


Extent :  Ac.20.17 Cts                  Project cost : Rs.123.20 Crores


Total No. of Flats :  710  (in HIG, MIG 1A, MIG 1B & MIG 2 Categories)


Plinth area : 820 Sft to 1800 Sft


Date of Commencement 2.12.2009.                  Project Period :                 24 Months


Present Stage :       


A) Buildings  :         MIG-II – Plinth beam laid for one block and to be laid for other

                                 two blocks.  Casting of columns upto roof level(stilt)is in progress.


                             HIG-I, MIG IA MIG IB -  footings are in progress.

                             HIG-II – Mat concrete completed.  Footings to be laid.


           LIG Blocks- Footings in progress for one block.  Earth work

           excavation is completed and mat concrete to be laid for other block


B)Infrastructure:      UG sump work in progress

                      Other items yet to be started.             


  • (ii) OTHER WORKS


1. Construction of Telugu Heritage and Cultural Museum on top of Kailasa Hill


          VUDA has taken up this work based on the request of WTF (World Telugu Federation) in accordance with the G.O. issued by the Government of A.P. with an Agreement of Providing Interior and Antiques related to Museum will be provided by WTF and building civil works to be taken up by VUDA. 


Extent :  Ac.5.00  Cts                   Project Cost : Rs.443.00 Lakhs

Value of work taken up at present : Rs.183.00 Lakhs  Project Period :  18 Months      


Items proposed now :         Main Dome Structure, Entrance Hall, Toilets, Compound Wall , Staircase and Store Room etc .


Present Status :                Main Dome slab completed. Superstructure brick work completed. Finishings are in progress.


Probable date of completion : December, 2010


Anakapalle Area  :

Construction of Kalyanamandapam and Shops                : Rs.137.50 Lakhs

Construction of Kalyanamandapam at Thumpala              : Rs.46.00 Lakhs

Present status :  Work completed.  


Vizianagaram Area :

Widening of 40’ wide Road from Central Bank Jn. to Balaji Nagar  : Rs.25.00 Lakhs


Present status:  Work completed.  


Master Plan and other Roads:


1. Formation of 100’ wide Master Plan Road from Boyapalem Jn on NH-5

    to Mangamaripeta


Total length of the Road : 3.80 K.M.           Project Cost :  Rs.193.00 Lakhs

Present status : Work nearing completion. Probable date of completion :  30-09-2010


2. Formation of 80’ wide link Road from Kapuluppada layout to 100’ wide Road 

Total length of the road : 0.80 K.M. Project Cost :  Rs.137.00 Lakhs

Present status : Work is in progress.         Probable date of completion : 31-10-2010


3. Formation of 100’wide link road connecting Madhurawada – Kapuluppada 100’ wide road and construction of CD works in IT SEZs


Total length of the Road : 0.80 K.M.         Project Cost :  Rs.80.00 Lakhs

Present status :       Work completed.

4. Land Pooling Project at Paradesipalem

Total extent of land :  Ac.338.00  Cts.     



It is proposed to take up this project by clubbing Private Lands belongs to farmers and Government Lands available with VUDA to develop the entire chunk of land as a whole for Plotted Development and to issue 1800 Square yards per acre to the farmers after completion of infrastructure.


          Initially main roads (earthen) were formed in the proposed layout with an expenditure of Rs.188.00 Lakhs


Infrastructure works taken up in Phase-I:      


Providing WMM and SDBC for 80’-0” road  Reach-1          Estimate cost:Rs.126 lakhs

Present status:        GSB layer completed.  Providing WMM layer is in progress.


Providing WMM and SDBC for 80’-0” road  Reach-2          Estimate cost:Rs.124 lakhs

Present status:        Work completed.


Providing WMM and SDBC for 60’-0” road  Reach-3          Estimate cost:Rs. 116.50

Present status:        Providing WMM layer completed. SDBC is nearing completion.


Construction of minor bridge across gedda                          Estimate cost:Rs.78.50 lakhs

Present status: Bridge foundation work in progress



Deposit Works : 


Providing Infrastructure facilities to IT SEZs, located on Hill No.2 & 3

of Rushikonda


This work was taken up by VUDA as per the directions of District Administration and as requested by APIIC subject to payment of Development cost at Rs.18.00 Lakhs per acre by the respective I.T. Companies to VUDA.


Total Extent                                : Ac.145.00 Cts (40 + 105) 

Project Cost                                : Rs.1315.00 Lakhs (570 + 745)

No. of IT Companies allotted          : 23 (12+11)

Infrastructure provided                 : Formation of Roads, providing WBM & BT, Water Supply arrangements – Bore wells, Sumps, ELSRs, Distribution System, Street Lighting, construction of Drains, Central Median, Footpaths with decorative paver tiles and Greenery.


Present Status                                      : All works completed and the layouts are to be                                             handed over to APIIC for further maintenance. 


VSEZ Works : 

1. Construction of GLSR, Pump House, Erection of Pump sets and Transformer in VSEZ Compound.


Project Cost : Rs.129.00 Lakhs

Present status : GLSR completed up to roof level. Pump house, pump sets and transformer erection completed. Balance work is in progress.


2. Providing Parking facilities opposite to main Gate in VSEZ


   Project Cost : Rs.135.00 Lakhs

   Present status :    Work completed.


3. Renovation of Tuna Fish Processing Plant at National Institute of Fisheries

    Post Harvest Technology & Training (NIFPHATT)


Total Project Cost                        : Rs.120.00 Lakhs

Revised project cost                     : Rs.147.00 Lakhs    

Funds released so far                    : Rs.  90.00 Lakhs

Balance to be released                  : Rs.  57.00 Lakhs


          Certain Renovation works and improvements (Civil & Mechanical) works in the existing Tuna Fish Processing Unit at Fishing Harbour have taken up on the request of the Director, NIFPHATT.

Present status                                      :Work completed


COMMITTED WORKS                                                             (Engg VUDA)


Description of work


(Rs Lakhs)

Srikakulam (Extended area)


·                     Y.S.Rajasekara Reddy Auditorium


·                     80' Master plan road from Collector office Jn to Arasavalli Jn




·                     Internal roads and cc drains in Different wards




·                     Municipal office Building


·                     Kalyanamandapam in Munagapaka


·                     Kalyanamandapam in Gavarapalem


·                     Other Town Development Works


·                     Landpooling at Cherlopakhandam




·                     Certain School Building / Community Centers





·                     Telugu Cultural Museum



Land pooling at Paradesipalem


·                     Development layout  infrastructure


Visakhapatnam City


·            Renovation Mrs. AVN College Buildings   (Heritage & CM Assurance)


  • Library building and Senior Citizen recreation building.


Master Plan Roads


              Yendada to Rushikonda 100' road Via Law college


              Marikivalasa 100' Road


              Yendada to Rushikonda 80' road Via Gitam College



Development of Govt. Lands / Sites and services /  Layouts


                Formation of approach roads and drains etc /


              Yendada S.No. 1 Layout


                Madhurawda S.No.  109 and110 Layout


              Rushikonda S.No.34/P and 35/P Layout


                Yarada, Gajuwaka and Pedagantyada


              Gambhiram layout





250.00  Crores




Visakhapatnam City area

  • ·         Development of park  (Dr. Y.S.R.Park) at old Central jail compound

                                                                                            Project cost: 500 lakhs

        Initially construction of compound wall has been taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.160 Lakhs and work is in progress at present.

        Work related to manufacturing and  erection of Dr. Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy Bronze statue at an estimated  cost of Rs. 14.5 lakhs has been entrusted for installation in the entrance plaza of the above park.

  • Improvements and repairs to CC roads in KGH premises

                                                                                     Estimated Amount: 34.00 lakhs

Present stage          : Work is in progress


  • Construction of Central Median and providing modern lighting for beach road from Ropeway Jn., to Jodugullapalem Jn.,       Estimated Amount: 32.00 lakhs

Present stage          : Work completed.


  • Construction of Central Median and providing modern lighting for beach road from Jodugullapalem Jn.,            to Sitakonda.         Estimated Amount: 33.00 lakhs

           Present stage                   : Tenders finalized.  Agreement to be concluded.


  •   Development of hill Top road from Visakhapatnam city at Hanumanthawaka jn., connecting NH-5 and Sree Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple


Tenders released inviting RFP for offering consultancy services from reputed consultants for preparation of Detailed Project Report.


Vizianagaram Area :


  • ·         Widening and formation of road from Balaji complex jn., to Thotapalem Ramamandiram

Estimate Amount                          : Rs.35 Lakhs.

Present status                             : Work could not be commenced due to

                                                              incompletion of widening by VZM


Probable date of completion : 31-12-2010


  • ·         Construction of SW Drains for the road from Balaji complex jn., to Thotapalem Ramamandiram

Estimate Amount                          :  Rs.55 Lakhs.

Present status                                      :  Work just commenced

Probable date of completion : 31-12-2010.


Srikakulam area

  • Development  of 80’-0” feet Master plan road from Arasavalli jn., to Collectors office jn., at Srikakulam                                           Project cost: 520 lakhs


Initially formation of quary rubbish road work has been taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.135 lakhs .  Tenders finalized.  Work to be started.


Bheemili area


  • Providing BT Surface for the road connecting Municipal office and Social Welfare Hostel buildings via., MRO office  and police station.                                           

                                                                         Estimated cost: 45.50lakhs


Present stage    :        Agreement concluded. Work to be started.


  • Providing BT Surface for the road connecting Municipal office to Zilla parishad Guest house                                                    Estimated cost: 30.00Lakhs


Present stage    :        Agreement concluded. Work to be started.


  • Renovation of existing Jr. College building,  West block(Heritage building)                                                                            Estimated cost: 37.00Lakhs


Present stage    :        Agreement to be concluded.


Anakapalli Area:


  • Construction of  Kalyanamandapam in Munagapaka Mandal

                                                                                Estimated cost: 59.50Lakhs


Present stage :        Tenders finalized.  Agreement to be concluded.





Sl. No.  Name of the Project PPP (JV)/ BOT & Lease Period  Extent & Sy. Nos. (In Acs)  Project Components / Features  Date of Issue of LOA  Envisaged Revenues / Milestones  Amounts realized to VUDA  Date of Agreement  Status  Remarks 
1.                      Sunny Isles (Gated Community Housing) - PPP (JV) in Bulk lands of Tarakarama Nagar Township Layout.                 M/s K.S.R Construction, Hyderabad .  12.78                 336/p of Madhurawada and LP No.103/89 of Tarakarama Nagar Layout.  57 Units of Independent Bungalows consisting of 4-Type Designs of 4BR Configuration.  Minimum Guaranteed Sum (MGS) Rs.5.45 Crs. offered by the Developer (or) 22% share in Sale Proceeds whichever is higher.  Rs.5.75 Crs. Realized based on 22% share in Sale Proceeds.  28.10.05  o Project nearing Completion.   
o 90-95% Physical development works completed. 
o Convenient shops block & Clubhouse requires to be completed. 
VUDA is monitoring the early completion of the Project. 
2.                      Bay Mount (Gated Community Housing) - PPP (JV) in Bulk lands of Tarakarama Nagar Township Layout.                 M/s. Balaji Construction Company, Visakhapatnam  16.00                 336/p of Madhurawada and LP No.103/89 of Tarakarama Nagar Layout.  49 Units of Independent Bungalows consisting of 9-Type Designs of 4BR & 3BR Configuration  MGS Rs.8.17 Crs. offered by the Developer (or) 25.35% share in Sale Proceeds whichever is higher.   Rs.8.79 Crs Realized based on 25.35% share in Sale Proceeds.  28.10.05  o    Project nearing Completion.  VUDA is monitoring the early completion of the Project. 
o    90-95% Physical development works completed. 
3.                      HARITA Housing Project at Madhurawada (Jurong Housing) – PPP (JV)                 VUDA Project – Construction contract works with M/s. Jurong Construction Co.  Pvt. Ltd.,  40.00 First Phase (Ac. 20.17 Cts)                 336/p (394, 395, 396/p & 397/p) of Madhurawada  710 Housing Units in G+F+4 Floors construction of 11 Blocks consisting of 3BR & 2BR configuration                   o     VUDA finalized the units sale price.  --  M/s. Jurong Infrastructure (I) Pvt. Ltd., has entered into Contract Agreement with VUDA for construction of Housing Units in the year 2005.  o     Revised Contractual Agreement has been concluded.  VUDA is keen for early completion of the project 
o    Project completion period is 24 months as per the agreement.  o                      (24 months). 
  o     Project Launched on 22nd November 2009.                  
  o     The Construction work is in Progress.                  
4.                      Housing Project (Gated Community Housing) - PPP (JV) in Bulk lands of Yendada & Madhurawada                 M/s. Global Entropolis Asia Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad .   80.00                 S.No.1/p of Yendada & S.No.386/p (v) of Madhurawada (v)  LIG, MIG, HIG, Villas, School, Poly Clinic, Convenient Shopping, Community Hall / Club House.  23.12.06  o    As per the pre-closure option, the developer has remitted Rs. 242.29 Crores towards project development revenues.  Rs.1.00 Crore  Sale Deed concluded on 1.4.2008  o    The Developer has obtained required clearances viz., environmental clearance, Airport & Fire Clearances.  VUDA is keen for early completion of the project (36 Months). 
Towards Non-refundable Project Development fee.  o    Building Plans approved.                  
                 o    Work is under progress.                  
Rs.242.29 Crores towards project revenues as pre-closure has been remitted to Govt. Budgetary Support.     
5.                      Housing Project at Vepagunta – PPP (JV)                 M/s. L&T Vision Ventures Ltd., Chennai.  55.15                 1 of Vepagunta  Villas, HIG, MIG, LIG & EWS Housing, School, Poly Clinic, Convenient Shopping, Community Hall / Club House.  28.11.06  o    Amount paid by the Developer for Vepagunta Land so far is Rs.6.67 Crores.  Rs.43.12 Lakhs Towards Non-refundable Project Development fee.  o    Possession of the site delayed due to clearance from Forest department.   Subject land covered by Reserve Forest Block. 
                                  o    As per the Government Order, Survey is being carried out for alternative land by Estate wing for handing over the project land.                  
o    MGS payable for Vepagunta land Rs.62.40 Crores for Ac.55.15 Cts but the land under dispute.                      
o    Alternative land proposed at Kommadi measuring Ac.49.33 Cts at Rs.1.53 Crores per acre instead of Vepagunta land.        
o    Cost of the land proposed Rs.75.47 Crores.       
6.                      Ultra Modern Layout at Dakamarri at Vizianagaram – PPP (JV).                 M/s. Vensar Constructions Company Ltd., Hyderabad  Ac.97.07 Cts                 S.No.348 of Dakamarri (v)  Ultra-modern Layout with High-quality living conditions and best of the amenities such as BT Roads, Open Drains, Water Supply Arrangements, Layout Electrification, Avenue Plantation, Filter Bed & Avenue Plantation, Play Equipment for Children in the Parks and Compound wall all around the open spaces etc.                  24.1.2008  81.04% of the Total Plotted Area offered to VUDA (2,32,139 Sq. Yards as MGS)  Performance Guarantee amount of Rs.1.55 Crs paid by way of BG.  19.3.08  o    The possession of the site has been handed over to the developer.  VUDA is monitoring the Project. 
                 o    The developer finalized the concept layout plan as per the norms. 
A non-refundable one-time Project Development Fee of Rs.15.00 Lakhs.  o    Finalization of layout plan is pending in lieu of land use clearance from the Government.  
  o    Ground leveling works are in progress. 
7.                      Housing Project at Madhurawada (Gated Community Housing) - PPP (JV) in Bulk lands of Tarakarama Nagar Township Layout.                 M/s. Radiant Developers (P) Ltd., Hyderabad .  50.00                 336/p of Madhurawada  Independent Houses, Row Housing, Duplex Houses & Apartments with amenities like Club House, Convenient Shopping, etc.,  o    Developer has paid Rs.25.00 Lakhs towards Infrastructure Development Cost.  Rs.25.00 Lakhs towards infrastructure development cost.  Agreement entered dated 27.8.2005  o    All pending WPs & SLP have been dismissed.  Ground leveling works are being carried-out. 
o    Developer has also paid Rs.25.00 Lakhs towards Security Deposit as per the agreement conditions.                                    o    Statutory Drawings approved.                  
o    Rs.13.00 Crores to be paid by the developer as MGS (or)  Rs. 25.00 Lakhs towards Security Deposit.  Rectification Deed entered dated 28.2.2008  o    Environmental Clearance was received. Due to changed boundaries revised Rectification Deed was executed. Accordingly, revised plans are under scrutiny.  VUDA is keen for early completion of the project 
o    7.5% of Gross Revenues on Sale Proceeds whichever is higher.      o    Expert Committee appointed by the Government for finalization of the DPR. Government was informed about the proceedings of the Meeting along with DPR for approval.  (36 Months). 
8.                                       15.00                 134/p of Paradesipalem                  2BR, 3BR Housing, Swimming pool, Club house, shopping Arcade, Gardens & Lawns, Landscaping Community centre with sports, Games, etc.,  21.9.07  o    Total Built-up area 35.00 lakh sft out of which VUDA share is 11.00 lakh sft.  Rs. 267.60 lakhs paid by the developer towards Non-Refundable Project Development Fee.  12.3.2008  o   Commencement delayed due to pending WP No. 3169/08 regarding dispute over survey No. 134 of Paradesipalem.  VUDA is pursuing the Court Case for early clearance. 
                 o     Developer approached VUDA for cancellation of the Project.                   
BG of Rs.669 lakhs towards Development and Construction Guarantee.  o   Alternate proposals at Rushikonda & Madhurawada with revised Project proposals are scrutinized by the Expert Committee as appointed by the Government. The report of the above meeting being sent to Government for necessary orders.                   
9.                      International Standard School at Madhurawada (Out Right Sale )                 M/s. Chaitanya Educational Society, Kakinada  5 LKG to 12th Standard.                 Hostel Facility from 5th std to 12th std.  23.12.2008  o    Out Right Sale basis @ Rs.1.00 Crores per acre  Rs.15.00 lakhs paid towards Non-Refundable Project Development Fee  Yet to be concluded.  o    Interim orders received from Hon’ble High Court dated 25.7.2008 vide WP MP No. 16115/2008 in WP No.12512/2008 suspending the Letter of Award.  Letter of Award Suspended by the Hon’ble High Court. 
o    10% cost of initial amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs has been paid as per LoA.  Rs.50.00 lakhs paid towards 10% cost of land.                  
    Parawise remarks sent to Standing Counsel for filing the counter. 
10.                  Family Entertainment Center at Tennati Park . (BOT Basis)                 M/s. MIC Electronics Ltd., Hyderabad .  1.70                 150 of Chinagadila  Amphi (open air ) theatre with landscape seating.                 Open-air food stalls of temporary nature.                 Family entertainment pockets.                 Children’s games area                  17.8.2005  o    Lease Period 20 years.  Royalty to VUDA as license fee of  24.9.05  o    Work is in progress.  High Court ordered that “Since the disputed construction is in violation of the CRZ notification interim orders dated 5.2.2007 is made absolute to last till the decision of the Writ Petition” 
o    Royalty as license fee of Rs.4.00 lakhs per annum.  Rs.4.00 lakhs per annum and enhancement of 33% at every 3 years period.  o    Interim orders issued by Hon’ble High Court in WP MP No.2452/2007 in WP No.1937/2007 dated 5.2.2007 – WP is pending. 
    o    The BOT partner M/s. MIC Electronics Ltd., is perusing the issue of NOC from Pollution Control Board. 
11.                  International Standard School at Rushikonda (Out Right Sale )                 M/s. Chaitanya Educational Society, Kakinada  6.26 LKG to 12th Standard. Hostel Facility from 5th std to 12th std.  23.12.2008  o    Out Right Sale basis @ Rs.2.00 Crores per acre  Rs.20.00 lakhs paid towards Non-Refundable Project Development Fee.  Yet to be concluded.  o    Agreement to be concluded.  Site Handed over to the developer. 
o    10% cost of initial amount of Rs. 1.37 Crores has been paid as per LoA.                   o    Final notice has been issued to pay the balance cost in one installment, but the developer failed to comply the same.                  
  Rs.137.00 lakhs paid towards 10% cost of land. 

o    Matter referred to Standing Counsel for opinion, so as to take suitable action in the matter. 



12.                   Commercial Complex with IT Space at Gandhi Place , Siripuram (BOT Basis)                 M/s. Vaibhav Sky Scapes Pvt. Ltd., Visakhapatnam                 6540.00 sq. yards                 TSNo.85/1A of Waltair Ward                 Convention centre with Guest Rooms, Parking, Retail Shopping, Food courts & Restaurant, IT Incubation space, Service Apartments in Sub cellar, Cellar, G+8 Floors 23.12.2006 o    Lease Period 33 Years. o    Revenue Sharing Model by means of lease rentals i.e., 5% of Market Value of the land (Rs.70.90 Lakhs per annum) and periodical increase of 5% every year + Additional Development Premium (Rs.106 lakhs per year (or) on 3% of Gross Revenue whichever is higher).  Lease Rent for the 1st year paid to the tune of Rs.70.90 lakhs                 A non-refundable Project Development Fee of Rs. 21.00 lakhs at the time of signing of the Agreement.                 BG of Rs.50.00 lakhs paid towards Development and Construction Guarantee. 16.2.2008 o     Site is in possession of the developer. o     Ground leveling work commenced. o     Agreement has been registered in the concerned registrar office, Visakhapatnam . o     Fire approvals received. Building plans furnished by the developer has been scrutinized and directed the developer to pay the statutory fees and furnish along with other approvals, so as to approve the building plans. SEIAA sub-committee’ visited VUDA for clarification on certain issues.                                
13.                   Shopping Mall with Multiplex (Old Balaji Complex Site), Vizianagaram. (BOT Basis)                 M/s. Ambica Empire Pvt. Ltd., Eluru 3597.12 sq. yards                 683/1 Shops, Anchor shops, Showrooms, Food Courts, Multiplex with 3 Screens & Family Entertainment Centre. 31.3.2007 o    Lease Period 33 Years. o    Lease Amount : Rs. 5.21 Lakhs with 5% escalation Per Annum. o    ADP: Rs.15.12 lakhs  per year (or) on 3% of Gross Revenue whichever is higher o    A non-refundable Project Development Fee of Rs.8.63 lakhs                                 Rs.2.46 lakhs paid towards Half Yearly Lease amount.                 A non-refundable Project Development Fee of Rs.8.63 lakhs.                                                                 11.4.2008 o    Agreement was registered. o    Work is in progress.   o    Lease amounts is being paid regularly.                
14.                   Hill-Top Resorts at Kailasagiri (BOT Basis)                 M/s. Visakha Infra Project Pvt. Ltd., Visakhapatnam. 8,892 Sq. Yards                 150 of Chinagadila (v) Hill-Top Resorts, Revolving Restaurant and Party Zone on Kailasahill. 19.9.2007 o    Lease Period 25 years. o    Lease rent of Rs.20.21 Lakhs per annum o    ADP of Rs.27.00 Lakhs per annum or 3% Gross Revenues which ever is higher. A non-refundable Project Development Fee of Rs.12.00 lakhs.                 Rs.10.16 lakhs paid towards Half Yearly Lease amount.                                                 Nov, 2007 o    A WP No.9513/2008 filed by the Ankita Welfare Association & Samatha, Visakhapatnam in the Hon’ble High Court is pending.                 o     The Project activity along with other activities on Kailasagiri have been ratified by the Government vide Memo No.21431/ ASSN.1(2)/1994-14, dated 27.11.2008 of the Revenue (Assignment-I) Department, AP Hyderabad –Pending alienation proposals from CCLA, Hyderabad VUDA is pursuing the matter with the Standing Counsel to VUDA at Hyderabad .
15.                   Telugu Cultural and Heritage Museum at Kailasagiri. Ac. 5.00 S. NO. 150 of Chinagadila (v) Museum Building and Administration Block Government have issued orders in GO Ms. No.733 MA dated 20.5.2005 and subsequent Government letter No. 13468/H2/ 2008-3, dated 20.10.2008 have issued orders for establishment of Telugu Cultural and Heritage Museum on Kailasagiri. -- -- Agreement concluded with WTF on 22.6.2005. o    Building Plans approved on 16.6.2009.

o    Tenders have been finalized by Engineering Wing and the work is in progress. 

o    Super structure is completed for the entrance foyer & domed area.
The basic structure (buildings) to be constructed by VUDA with an estimated cost of Rs. 4.43 Crores.                  The episodes & Artifacts in the Museum Premises are to be provided by the WTF. WTF Component share is Rs.3.80 Crs and any further enhancement.                 
16.                   Dr. Y.S. Rajasekara Reddy Park Ac.20.42 Cts, in TS.No.693, 1460/A p, 1461/A p Allipuram Ward of Visakhapatnam o    A sprawling greenery park development with necessary infrastructure facilities viz.,  people friendly walk ways / jogging tracks etc., o    Necessary parking requirement for the entire complex. Development works likely to be taken-up by 2nd week of August 2009. o    As on now no revenues are envisaged against the expenditure.

o    Basic infrastructure and development is to be completed by November 2009
-                 o     A WP No.3032/05 filed by Sri CS Rao, President, Praja Spandana,

o     WP No.3061/05 filed by Smt. KC Lakshmi, VSP.

o     Both WPs have been dismissed as withdrawn by the petitioners.

o     The foundation stone has been laid by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 4.4.2010.

o     A Bronze Statue of Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy is being planned for erection at the Entrance plaza of the park. The detailed Landscape designing proposals on an Innovative scale are being called from the renowned Landscape Design Consultants and the same are under finalization.
17.                   Energy Park at Kailasagiri                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ac.0.41Cts or 2000 Sq.yards in S.No.150 of Chinagadila (V). o    The project is conceived to educate the School children as well as the General public to know the importance of solar energy usage. o    Project is conceived with  components of Renewal Energy units like street lighting, water pumping system, bio-gas plan, Chula, Colour T.V., Domestic lights, lanterns, water heating system, cocker, drier, radio and solar  educational kit.   18-11-2005 --- --- --- o    An amount of Rs.2,76,400/- has been sent to NEDCAP, Hyderabad towards 50% share of VUDA for establishment of Energy Park .
o    The Energy Park was inaugurated by the Dist. Collector & Chairman, VUDA on 24.03.2010 and opened to Visitors.
18.                   Miniature Model Park on Kailasagiri 3200 Sq.Yds. Miniature models in an enclosed environment with viewing gallery, landscaping elements, leisure & entertainment activities etc., -                                                 o    Evaluation report from the APITCO on EOI has been received. o    Business and Financial proposal have been evaluated by the Jury. o    Awaiting orders from the Government for approval of the Bid-Process  so as to issue Letter of Award(LoA).                

4. (1) (b) (vii) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation

of its policy or implementation there of:


The policy decisions will be taken up by VUDA Authority and the decisions taken up by the Authority shall be implemented by the Vice-Chairman.