As per the provisions of A.P Urban Areas (Development) Act, 1975, the Authority shall prepare a Master Plan for the development area concerned by defining various Zones. The Authority prepared such Master Plan and obtained Government approval in 1989. The Draft revised master plan has been prepared by inviting objections & Suggestions from the public and by following due process of Law. The Government have recently approved the Revised Master Plan vide GO.MS.NO. 345 MA dated 30-06-2006.



The Zonal Development Plan contains the detailed land use plan for the purposes of Roads, Housing, School, Recreation, Hospitals, Industry, Markets, Business, public Utilities and other categories. Zonal Development plans for Visakhapatnam, Gajuwaka, Anakapalle, Bheemunipatnam and Vizianagaram have been prepared. All the Zonal Development plans have been approved vide GO.MS.No.345 dated 30-06-2006 by the Government along with the Revised Master Plan for VMR area.



The entire Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region has been divided into 7 Zones for regulation of the activity as per the Master plan. Each Zone is headed by one Assistant planning officer with supportive staff such as JPO / APO / Surveyor, etc. As part of regulatory functions technical clearances shall be given for construction of buildings, Sub- Division of land including institutional layouts. Other works such as clearance of Industrial applications, change of land use, etc, are also being handled by planning section.

(i) Action against unauthorized layouts/ GO. MS. No. 458 Dt:28-10-04

Stringent action is being initiated for the curbing of unauthorized constructions and layouts in GVMC area.

Some of the private developers who have no regard for planned development have formed unauthorized layouts and sold plots to public with out providing any infrastructure facilities which inturn create problems for the public and to the implementary agencies like VUDA, GVMC and Gram Panchayats.

(ii) Regularization Of Layouts As Per GO.Ms.No.489 dated: 07-08-96

Apart from taking stringent measures to contain unauthorized layouts in the VMR VUDA has initiated measures to regularize unauthorized layouts as per Government guidelines issued in GO.Ms.No.489 MA dated 07-08-1996 by inviting the developers / Plot Holders to apply for regularization of their layouts / Plots.

(iii) List Of Black Listed Developers/ Layouts:

The following real estates developers have been black listed for selling plots with out developing the layout and for failing to
obtain final L.P. from VUDA. --- Click here

(iv) List Of Block Layout Plans (Blps) Cancelled:

Between 1985 to 2004 VUDA followed the procure of issuing Block layout plan with only road pattern by obtaining mortgage of 50% of original title deeds / Security deposit Amount. The developer has to develop the layout by providing full infrastructure as per BLP conditions with in the stipulated period of 2 years. The VUDA releases the final L.P. No. to the layout after fulfillment of all the conditions by the Developer and also releases the mortgaged title deeds / Security Deposit Amount. However, some of the layout Owners / Developers have failed to develop the layout as per layout conditions with in the stipulated period. VUDA cancelled all such undeveloped Block layouts and the following is the list of cancelled BLPS. Public are cautioned not to purchase plots in these cancelled BLPS. --- Click here

(v)Appeal To The Public:

Appeal To The Public: The public are advised to purchase plots / House sites in only VUDA approved layouts as they will be having all infrastructure facilities like Roads, Masonry drains, electricity, open spaces, etc.

Public are hereby cautioned not to purchase plots in unauthorized layouts as they will lack infrastructure facilities such as roads, drains, electricity, open spaces, etc. More over VUDA and the local authorities will not permit any construction in unauthorized layouts.


Under social tourism, VUDA has promoted housing both at rural and urban areas in its VMR limits.
  Exploring new approaches for Urban Development with private participation.
  Urban Development is to act as promoter / Facilitator rather than developer / provider.
  The idea is that the schemes shall be of self-financing with minimum burden on local authorities without the hassle of land acquisition process.
  Joint venture on land sharing for using VUDA'S brand VUDA permits owner to float the project as joint venture as per guidelines.
  Comprehensive Development including Government lands. Scope for this model arises whenever Government lands are interspersed with private lands.
  Joint venture Apartment with the owners of private land. VUDA provides infrastructure and marketing.

(ii) Utilization Of Open Spaces:

To ensure effective utilization of the open spaces the role of citizens, the role of Residential welfare association, the role of developer, the role of public & private participation, etc, are very important. VUDA plans to coordinate with all the above agencies to ensure effective utilization of open spaces.

(iii) Registration Of Builders/ Developers / Real Estate Developers And License To Technical Persons

VUDA proposed to implement the Registration system for Builders / Developers / Real estate developers to have systematic monitoring of construction and development activity in VMR.

Further VUDA intends to introduce the licensing system for technical professionals in order to make them more responsible and accountable and to ensure planned development.


d) List of Builders&Developers, Civil Engineer, Surveyors and Comprehensive Licenses

List of Registered Civil Engineers for the period 22-06-2013 to 21-06-2016
List of Registered Builders and Developers in VMR Region for the period 22-06-2013 to 21-06-2016
List of Registered Structural Engineeres, Civil Engineers and Surveyors for the period 13-02-2013 to 12-01-2014
List of Registered Builders and Developers in VMR Region for the period 13-02-2013 to 12-01-2014
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Click here to view list of Civil Engineer
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Click here to view list of Construction Firm
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