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Have great time making friends!

It's not how many ideas you have. Its how many you make happen. All you need to do is choose.... from making new friends to sharing lasting memories with them. That's what the newly formed VUDA Children's Club is trying to do. It's the one place you'll find no assignments, no rules, no restrictions but tons and tons of fun. A right place to be your self. After all, all work and no play makes.....!!!

There are two ways of looking at children. Seeing them as monsters of evil who must be beaten into submission or as little two-legged walking computers who can be programmed into geniuses. Their view of the world their powers and abilities and their skills has become an observation aspect of every home. In short, children have a style of learning that fits their condition. They don’t need to be made to learn, told what to learn or shown how to learn. Learning for them is as natural as breathing!

Visakhapatnam Urban development Authority (VUDA) takes a big step forward to understanding children better. The new Children's Club at the VUDA Children's World, would soon be the talk of the town in the direction of childcare. The right place where children can grow, not just in size, not even in knowledge but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience, competence, understanding and resourcefulness. Vizag kids, definitely deserve a place of their own to unleash their talents to fulfill their limitless ambitions.

Come, be part of VUDA’s earnest endeavor to give children access to enough of the world. And to help them to take a better path into that world than anyone could ever make for them.

On what we do

Screening of educational and entertainment films.
Organizing cultural programs.
Conducting workshops & training classes on painting and handicrafts.
Lectures, seminars and counseling sessions on important topics & issues.
Literary competitions.
Organizing functions and competitions on days of special interest.
Special programs for challenged children.
Promotion of adventure sports and indoor games.
Science and technology exhibitions/fairs
And many more.

To encourage children, VUDA Children World has designed the below mentioned schemes

Individual Members

Individuals are required to become members of the Children's Club by paying a nominal membership fee.
They can opt for annual / life membership.
Only after becoming a Club member are the children entitled to participate in the activities mentioned.
Fill up the enrolment form, pay the necessary fee & collect your membership card for annual / life membership.

Donor Members

Institutions / service Organizing / individuals can become donor members by generously donating for the cause of children.
The funds will be utilized for financially weak children belonging to the Govt. / Municipal schools.
Donors will be awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” and memento towards the service rendered to the poor children. VUDA will honor such donors and their list will be displayed at the Children's Theatre.

For educational Institutions

Own our theatre for a day is designed to give the educational institutions an opportunity to celebrate their annual day function / or any appropriate event exclusively at the Children's World for the whole day.
They can utilize the entire infrastructure & facilities available at the venue such as the mini-zoo, library, play items, indoor air-conditioned theatre for children's film shows and other school activities.
Fill up the enrolment form, pay the necessary fee and reserve a specific calendar date to own your theatre on that day to celebrate the event.

NGO’s committee for assistance

A special committee of NGO’s is formed to propagate and co-ordinate all the activities of VUDA Children's World. The NGO’s Committee members will approach all schools educational institutions for enrolment of the Children Club membership. Your co-operation is solicited for better co-ordination.

The applications in the prescribed format are available with the NGO committee members, VUDA Children World and at all leading schools. They can also be downloaded from www.vuda.org.

Children Club members are eligible for concessionary entry at all VUDA maintained parks and facilities.

Enroll as member today and explore the joy of being a part of the unique Children Club family.